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  • This class is for children age 2 years and up. Please contact me if you have questions regarding the readiness of your child. The older they are, the better they do, so if you can wait a month or two after their 2nd birthday do it! 

  • I teach to the ability of each child depending on age or experience. 

  • Each session is a 9 day intensive (Monday - Friday and Monday - Thursday) with 3 kids per class. 

  • Currently I offer classes between 9am and 3pm (I have my own little ones before and after!)

  • Classes are generally 30 minutes each (They may over depending on the progress being made that day)

  • Pool is heated to 93º so your child will be comfortable regardless the weather.

  • Parents are asked to swim the last day of class (A very important step for the children to transfer trust to you the parent)

  • Classes will be held in the rain and only canceled in case of lighting.

  • Unless your child has a high fever, diarrhea or any other contagious illness, I expect them to show up for class (CONSISTENCY IS KEY - a cough or sniffle should not excuse your child from class.)

  • Make up classes are difficult to schedule and mostly not allowed.

  • MY JOB IS NOT DONE UNLESS YOUR CHILD IS SWIMMING (On the rare occasion your child does not learn during the 9 day intensive I  will have you come back free of charge until we meet our goal!)


Will my child cry?

In most cases your child will cry for the first few days. I find that mostly this is about nothing more than your child trying to assert their will. To them, I am a stranger, in a strange place, doing a strange thing. Trust, consistency and a good attitude (child and parent) are the keys to making this happen.

What kind of swimming can I expect?

Every child is different, mostly you can expect your child to be able to swim (face in the water, kicking) a short distance to you. Then from you to the wall where your child will be able to "walk" themselves to the steps. After the class, you should continue swimming with your child as much as possible to reinforce what they have learned.

Do you just throw them in and let them figure it out?

NO, I find that just frightening! That said, the way my class works is for the child to be in the water. I teach with humor, attention and care, and am always aware of each particular personality and need.

Does my child need sunscreen?

No, While my pool has very little shade, I do provide an umbrella for the steps where the children will be resting between their turns. A UV rated sun shirt is recommended. Sunscreen makes the children slippery and often gets in their eyes and stings. It also throws off the PH balance of my pools chemistry. 

Is your pool chlorinated?

My pool has a saline system which is gentle on the eyes, skin, hair, and lungs.

Does my child need goggles?

NO, Goggles are not permitted.

Does my child need to be potty trained?

NO, your child needs to come ready with a swim diaper. Every child must try to go to the bathroom before class (even if they say they don't want to) If you choose a washable swim diaper make sure it is tight on the child around waste and legs. 

Is it ok to eat before class?

NO, I understand you want to feed your child, but the combination of excitement, the occasional gulps of water and food.. well you can imagine. Please hold off on the food as best as you can. 

Will my child swallow water?

Some kids do more than others. And this is ok, you may witness swallowing, coughing, or strange coughing-burps, these are all sometimes part of the process and all totally safe. 

What about secondary drowning?

I suggest you discuss this with your pediatrician if you have a concern. There are a lot of alarming articles on the subject (many that have undoubtedly kept you up at night from Facebook) and mostly from one perspective. Your child's safety is of my utmost concern! 

Are you CPR certified?

Yes I am, While the certification lasts 2 years, I take a course every year!

About Paul

I am a proud husband and father of two amazing little boys. At the age of 3, I took my eldest son to Bill Marsh or Swim to Bill, and as every other parent, was amazing by Bill as a person and instructor. And indeed within days, my son had stopped wailing and was learning how to swim.


I was instantly interested in what was happening within the pool and sought out answers. After weeks of observation and conversations with Bill, I was confident and excited to start out on my own. I have now taught many amazing kids, including my youngest son, and am continually blown away by the transformation these children experience in the water.

I am and always have been happiest in the water and have countless vivid memories in and around the water. I was fortunate to grow up with a small neighborhood lake where water skiing soon became a constant activity. I had an amazing neighbor who shared his pool with my brothers, sister and myself. I remember swimming for hours underwater while my parents would be screaming for me to get out. Finally, besides my wife and children, my other true loves is the Greek sea. Growing up, my family would spend many summers in Greece visiting relatives seeing sights but most importantly swimming, floating and taking in the sea. To this day, this passion of mine takes me for hour long swims, and explorations.

I look forward to teaching your children to swim and hope that they experience the same love for the water that I have.

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